Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Time Warp Stars, Quilt Top Finish And a Rainbow!

On the eve of a new star tomorrow, I am caught up with Barbara Brackman's Stars in a Time Warp......cadet blue and celestial, along with "neon".

I have enjoyed making these stars and wonder what Barbara will come up with for next year!  There Has to be Something!!!

This afternoon I FINALLY had some TIME (which means 2-3 hours!) to SEW!  With No Interruptions!   I applied the final two flying geese borders to my Medallion Quilt.  Will have a longarmer friend baste it so I can handquilt it.

 But......I will need to wait until I finish the remaining 10 or so stars on my "Hope" Collection for a Cause quilt.  I plan to finish handquilting the stars and then see if my friend will longarm quilt the zigzag strips.  Used a wool batting, and the quilt is light and super warm but handquilting would not show up on the printed zigzag so I will choose a different option!  Will be able to use the quilt sooner too!

 Sunday evening as we were preparing to go to my stepdaughter's house for dinner, I caught a glimpse from the kitchen window of the tree-covered hill beyond the pasture.....love the way the setting sun makes the trees glow!!  Then, I discovered the rainbow and ran to get the camera.  Beauteous!  
Have been having trouble with my laptops, and while they are with the computer doc, I have resorted to my faithful Old Tower that I've had since 1998!  Of course, there was a problem with it, too, when I turned it on today......a corrupted file ......managed to fix it, or rather the computer fixed itself when I restarted it!  Restarting sometimes works wonders in this computer world!  Back later, (with pix of PEI trip) Good Lord willing and the computer does not fail!!

And one more thing......Joan, winner of the box of fabric samples, contacted me promptly and will receive the box tomorrow!  She lives only about 45 minutes from me...........had no idea until she gave me her address!  I'll get another box of fabric samples ready soon! 


  1. What a gorgeous medallion quilt! The sun on the trees and the rainbow are lovely too, thanks for sharing the photo.

  2. Oh my your Hope quilt is lovely, as is the rainbow!

  3. Barbara mentioned in her blog post at material culture about the next William Morris collection that next spring she's starting a Morris hexagon!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for the heads up! Hard to keep up with all the stuff I follow! But I am not giving any of it up!! LOL

  5. Really love that neon block!!
    Beautiful medallion quilt. I have a quilt top I keep forgetting to take to my longarm friend to baste so I can hand quilt it. It has been months since she told me she could do it.
    Very smart to have the zig-zags on the Hope quilt machine quilted. You are right--it won't show. That is a wonderfully vintage-looking quilt.
    What a wonderful shot of the rainbow--love the golden glow!

  6. Cindi, love the Saturn in your Celestial (and Cadet blue) and Tortoise & Hare fabrics in your Neon!! Way to go. I do find it hard not to use conversationals in every block....

  7. Love your Quilt projects, they look fabulous. What a gorgeous Medallion Quilt and the Hope quilt tops it all. Wonderful, wonderful.

  8. yes that was a gorgeous rainbow....and love your medallion quilt....sooo beautiful!

  9. Both quilt tops are lovely! Love the star blocks too.

  10. Your stars are beautiful and you quilt - wow! I can't wait to see it in person. Such a beautiful rainbow. But then the view from you house is always beautiful!

  11. Cyndi, the Hope quilt is beautiful. You have been so faithful to the Time Warp stars, will be anxious to see what you do with these. Also looking forward to the PEI photos. Grandparents on both sides are from the Island.