Thursday, May 21, 2015


Spring Fabric Arrivals!  Since we always need backgrounds/shirtings, I have 6 new bolts of "Miniature Gatherings Backgrounds" tan and in off white......can't really tell that from the photos! 

From Andover we have some new Paisleys from the International Quilt Study Center quilt collection.  Overall paisleys in 3 colorways and 3 coordinating stripes (except they forgot to send the Red!)  Includes three nice fabrics that can read as a solid but do have texture.  Called "Pinwheels" for the quilt from which the designs were taken.

Stripes for sashing/borders!

This is Gorgeous!  From Moda, the new Collection for a Cause, "Circa 1892".....lovely purples! 

Circa 1892 includes these "Eccentrics".........they are "curvy" like Hoyle's Wave but also resemble "Lane's Net" (which is geometric).  Have Layer Cakes and Charm Packs for this line.

Always love ferny types!  

From Andover, Margo Krager's new line "Dargate Treasury"  with Yet Another floral stripe in four colorways!   And she has even more coming!  Check out Andover's website!!

Here are 3 coordinates for the stripes......looks like one is California Gold!

Trying to downsize isn't going to work for me if they keep producing such loverly fabrics that I cannot resist!  Barbara Brackman's "Alice's Scrapbag" will arrive in Sep and Collection for a Cause "Nuture" also.   Edyta Sitar (also from Moda) has a Great line coming .....called "Color Daze" due in Nov!  The large "focal" fabric looks like a reprint of a previous line called "Kashmir 5" but that's will be very good for broderie perse applique lovers!  A  "cheater" (aka printed patchwork) of Sunflower blocks is a wonderful addition to this line.  I love the "Sunflower" block and have the Ardco templates to make them by hand......too many quilts I want to make and the days/weeks/months pass too quickly! And....French General has a new line called "Le Marais" due in Oct.  Here too are some reprints from a previous line called "Maison de Garance"......luscious browns and reds as well as a toile in several colorways.  More prints suitable for broderie perse applique. 

Betsy Chutchian has joined Moda and ""Eliza's Indigo" will come out in Oct.  Brown and Blue Lovers will be so excited!!

Hope to be back in a few days with my Stars in a Time Warp in the California Gold and Serpentine Stripes........I am behind again!


  1. ooohh drooling time cyndi! and what about jo morton's catherine coming in june? 3 delish paisleys there too...

    1. Yes! You are right....forgot about them! I think I will be completely stocked with Paisleys!

  2. I love, love, love the Dargate stripes, Cyndi! ...and I'm way behind on my Stars in a Time Warp, too. :(

    Sue Rivers

  3. I am thrilled about those paisleys--and the purples---and those last three fabrics. Wow, so many gorgeous new fabrics!

  4. Holy smokes! It's a good thing I'm nowhere close to a quilt shop that carries these amazing fabrics! Wow! And Db Wow!

  5. Oh boy! I know what I want when I come up this week. Lucky me!!

  6. Lovely fabrics, thanks for sharing the temptation.

  7. Would love to win your small fabric samples giveaway, thank you!