Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finding Stuff...Hexagon Progress....Basketmaking

Have been doing some sewing room purging and re-organizing lately....found some amazing things.......some I didn't even remember owning!
Found this fabric-covered Sewing Box that I made many years ago......I think the pattern was in an old Chitra magazine (either Quilting Today or Traditional Quilts) about 20 years ago.  I was truly surprised when I opened it to take a photo.....There are two more hexagonal boxes nested inside!  Completely forgot about those!

Here is what is seen when the box is opened.......a cute small box
that opens to this....... revealing the smallest box!
Must have spent quite a bit of time making this and never used it!  Can only use so many sewing boxes!  And I don't have enough sewing tools to fill it up!  I remember the old VIP large print fabric that I used.....

Have my first two rows of my Hexagon quilt stitched together.....can't believe how much Faster this is compared to my slow stitching on my Applecore with its curved seams!

When I began experimenting with which way to press the seams, I had a pleasant little surprise!   Little "Tumbling Blocks" appeared at the seam intersections!  Probably lots of folks have already discovered this......makes such a nice smooth finish for the top of the quilt.....hardly any bulk!

Made this little quilt top recently (started with 5" squares) to showcase the red/brown colorway of Jo Morton's "Savannah" line.  That border fabric is luscious!
This little log cabin table runner was made in the mid-90's from a pattern by Jo Morton.  In another life, I was a Basketmaker .......loved it.....made over 1000 baskets but haven't made any in a few years because of arthritis.  Also made dolls!  The little 3" Topsy-Turvy doll is a pattern by Gail Wilson of nearby New Hampshire.  The basket she is sitting in was made in a workshop with Martha Weatherbee in 1988, also in New Hampshire.......a miniature Shaker basket with 1/16" black ash.  The miniature Backpack was made of chair caning for a Christmas tree ornament.

Two kittens have been added to the menagerie around this place.  They are so active and funny......my 12 yo Maine coon cat really has her nose out of joint over them!  



This log cabin quilt (guess by now you know how much I love log cabins!) hangs in the quilt shop bathroom............love that old fall leaves fabric from Hoffman!

Will have some more old fabrics to study next time!!

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  1. What clever boxes! They look like they took a long time to make.
    I love the Savannah line. I've picked up a few pieces, but haven't used them yet.
    Cute little baskets--and they look right at home on the great log cabin runner. You are a woman of many talents!
    Oh, I am so ready for Fall. We have had the hottest summer on record here in northern Utah. Bring on the crisp Fall air! Lovely Fall log cabin quilt!