Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finally Found It! And a 1790-1810 Quilt!

For weeks I have been looking for the quilt top that I took these blocks from.  You know how it is when you can't find's all you can think about!!  It is a top that evidently was used as there are threads along the edges where a backing was removed.  Can't find any holes indicating ties though.  I guess it's from the late 1800's.  I removed these 2 blocks and triangles last year but got a bit discouraged as the quiltmaker, while her stitching was not very close, backstitched every few stitches......making it tedious to remove!  Thought I might make something small from some of the blocks.  There are a few fabrics missing that I thought someone must have removed, but upon closer inspection, found that the fabric was brown and has rotted away leaving only the seam allowance.  Have no recollection of where I got it!  Keeping good records is a serious downfall of mine!  Like I said, I could not find it and was on a search after finding the little blocks in a stack of books.....where else would I put them for safekeeping?  As for the top, in a fit of neatness, I had put it along with others neatly in a box in the shop attic.  I Looked In That Box last week and did not find I dug deeper and found it on the very bottom!

 This quilt is a real treasure.....belongs to Kathie L (owner of a quilt previously blogged and anonymous winner of my last scrap box.)  That reminds me..... box #4 is nearly full and I will give it away......stay tuned.  

This wholecloth Pillar quilt dates from 1790-1810 (date is from the appraisal form) and is from here in Maine.  Edges are quite worn from being much used but for about 200 years old, it's not bad!!!  Quilting is in concentric diamonds.  The background is what I would call robin's egg blue but it might have a technical name that I do not know.  Looks more green in the photos....from the flash I suppose. CORRECTION!  When time elapses between taking photos and viewing photos, Memory does not always work right!  Upon looking at the quilt again, it IS green and the pencilling on the leaves is Blue!    
Close up of the Pillar.

The repeat is 12 inches.

Here's the long-tailed Bird!  Sorry about the flash.....will try to do better later!
This is the back (imho as I would consider the Pillar the front)....a nice chintz.  Quilt might never have been washed as it still has glaze.
Chintz closeup.

Found the original 1830-1850 fabric for my reproduction quilt!
The light floral fabric is the alternating block for a Sawtooth Star I made several years ago.  Last month while going through some books at Quilt Study Day, I found the original!  The quilt is in the James collection now at IQSC in Nebraska.
This is the original.....didn't In the Beginning Fabrics do a wonderful job of reproducing it!!
My quilt using the Floral Bouquets and Fancies line by In the Beginning in 2000.
Back later with some Suprising Finds in my Sewing Room cleanout!!

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