Saturday, December 8, 2012

Projects, Containers, & Old Quilt Top

I think I told you in a previous post how much I like "containers".....helps keep me "organized"!!  I have spent (wasted) much time looking for something so I try to place projects in their own little space accompanied by the needed tools so I can just pick it up and go to work!  This first one contains some Jane Stickle ("Dear Jane") blocks that I started many years ago and got "stalled"!  Bet that never happens to anyone else....right?  Anyway, at first I was on Brenda's list and making blocks by hand, by machine and by paper-piecing.  Then, at some point I decided I wanted them to be all by hand and I didn't really like the muslin as I feared it might not stand the test of time.  Now I have chosen a Bella solid from Moda for my background and have two rows of blocks printed onto freezer paper for my templates.  Maybe tonight will be the night to start!  Or not!  Too many projects going on so it is hard to choose.  Another activity that slows me down is my constant cutting of 1" and 1-1/2" strips and 1-1/2" squares as I work.....need to keep those boxes full so they will be ready when I am!  

This is the container for the Jane Stickle Mom gave it to me a long time ago and said it had been a cigar box of my Dad's in the 1950's.....don't remember him ever smoking cigars but maybe it was a gift. is a sweet little sewing box and I treasure it!  Hopefully, tho, someday the project will outgrow this little box and I will need to find a larger container!

This is my Posey Packet project (have you noted that most of my projects are small blocks?  And involve handwork? More reasons for it taking such a long time until completing a quilt!)  from Froncie Quinn of Hoopla Patterns.  You can visit her site here.   This quilt is inspired by one made by Florence Peto of 3" NinePatch blocks alternating with 3" Applique blocks.  I think I am on #7 of 72!!!  Truly enjoy the applique and the results are so darling!  

The container for this project is a Lunch Box that Moda sold several years ago when they issued a Challenge.  The box contained Moda Neutral Fat Quarters from all their designers at the time.  They did not sell as well as I thought they would so after a while, I confiscated them for my own use!!

Another ongoing project is this Shoofly quilt (again 3" blocks).....I love choosing the fabrics and making these little blocks!  I made a small 12-block quilt from them that I think I showed in an early blog posting.....wanted to experiment with using Sashing or Alternate Blocks.  My inspiration quilt had sashing (it was a bright PA quilt but mine will be more sedate New England colors, well, except for a few brights I could not resist!) and I have decided to use alternate blocks, all different, so it will be a Busy Quilt.....that's okay with me.....I like lotsa color!  AND, it will finish earlier as only half the total number of blocks will be pieced!!  

 I found this little quilt top recently in amongst a box of old fabrics......cannot remember how I came by it!  It contains 4-patches alternating with a pink moire probably around 1850.  I have seen that orange with the brown dots in other 1850's quilts.  It is not especially well-made but I have layered it for handquilting.....will be a challenge as the outside setting triangles have the bias edge where it would be nice to have straight grain!  Lots of waves to tame!    The fabrics are in quite good condition.....why wouldn't they be?  Never used!!
 The purples are still purple since the top did not see much daylight!  They likely would have faded to tan if they had!  Love the poison green too!
 In this photo is my new ironing board cover of ticking.....bought yards and yards of the stuff years ago when we had a nice fabric outlet nearby.....the kind that had all kinds of fabric for clothing, quilting, home dec!  My ironing board is wood and while it measures the standard 15" x 54" of modern ironing boards, the new covers will not fit.  I love wood ironing boards and I guess I must be a Collector of them as I have 4......only two are in use, both with ticking covers.  
 Aren't the fabrics in the 4-patches great?  Goes to show that 19th century fabrics were Not drab, nor all brown!!


  1. I love the pink moire fabric!

    I have a wooden ironing board here. I'm not sure if it was my Mum's or one of my Grandmothers'.
    I would love to see some more of your Dear Jane blocks. I have made about 50. One day I will get back to them!

  2. Lots of inspiration in this post, Cyndi.

    It is so nice to see actual fabrics from the 1800's and you're right...the colors weren't drab at all. I must confess that the Shoofly quilt just makes my heart beat a little faster. It is my favorite block.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. The Florence Peto is going to be wonderful - very charming pattern. And the Shoofly blocks are such great colours and fabrics - gorgeous work! Nice to have different things on the go at once isn't it?
    Every Stitch

  4. I love containers too! I love those little blocks thats going to be a great quilt using different setting fabrics in-between. love the 4 patch quilt, ah yes isn't it amazing to just sit and look at all the fabrics in an antique quilt.
    drab no way! I see a few I would love yardage of :)
    Thanks for sharing...
    Froncie's blocks are wonderful keep going I was so tempted by those!

  5. Thanks for sharing some of your projects Cyndi, they are wonderful. I adore containers and your cigar box is gorgeous.

  6. I can't help but feel that the display of bright 19th century colors is intended just for me. :) I'm happy to say that i am still plugging away at my Dear Jane and I have the same fear about my muslin background not standing the test of time after all the work I have put into it! I am actually approaching the finish line LOL as I have past the half way mark! Sadly I started with the easiest blocks so the going is getting tougher. Why I didn't just move row by row is beyond me. That little applique project is going to be a treasure!

  7. I love all of your projects, but that 4 patch is awesome! I just love all of the fabrics. What a treasure.

  8. What a see all your projects and the antique quilt! Thanks for sharing such inspiration!

  9. Treasures in the making in those containers. The link you gave did not work for me. The little 3 inch applique blocks intrigue me. It may be a pattern I have. I am off to do a Google search.

  10. I love seeing your on-the-go projects! Love your little Peto blocks!!

  11. Cute cigar sewing box! Really like all of your ongoing projects, but I'm especially drawn to your Shoofly blocks... so colorful! Thanks for sharing all of these goodies!

  12. I'm in love with those little shoofly blocks! So sweet! And the 4 patches are totally fun with the moire!

  13. I'm crazy for those little shoofly blocks, too!! Thanks for all the inspiration in this post. :)

    1. Good to see a dear friend,also, has unfinished beloved projects that are fond to one's heart!

  14. Fun to see your containers and projects.
    Love the antique four patches - Fabulous old fabrics ;-)
    The tiny shoo fly blocks are wonderful - I love little blocks too.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  15. Cyndi thanking you for sharing all you do.You have the best taste in what you make and your materail is out of this world.Many thanks.
    I'm the new kid on the block :)