Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Book, Leftovers, Broken Dishes and Toile

"Amish Quilts and the Welsh Connection"  
Received this wonderful new book this week!  Have looked at all the photos and read the captions and need to find time to read the rest!  If I didn't like to read so much, I might get more sewing done!  

 This little Courthouse Step quilt is a Jo Morton Club project.....wanted to show you what a member and I did with the leftover 1" strip scraps!

 Linda made the darling little bowl and I have tiny Four Patches in progress!
I like to try to make Somethin' from Nothin'.....little scraps that some folks throw away!  Linda is a Kindred Spirit!  I am one of those Fugal Sorts.....among the many things that I recycle are the little boxes that checks come in to store and sort fabric scraps!

 This is a little Broken Dishes quilt made from a charm pack and border fabrics from Barbara Brackman's "Civil War Crossings".........actually two quilts can be made from one charm pack!  I love little blocks (these are 3") and I love Busy Quilts with lots of color!  Machine-quilted the body of the quilt by stitching in the ditch and then hand-quilted the border with my favorite little wavy line.  Looks like I should go back and quilt something in the corner stones!  Takes me a long time to decide a quilt is finally Done!

 I used this black/white Toile as the center in a Medallion quilt that I showed earlier on.  (I have started hand-quilting it!)  A friend (a quilt historian)called me the other day and told me that my toile was on the cover of "Toiles for All Seasons".  I had the book but had not yet recognized the scenes as being in my reproduction fabric!  The original Toile was made after 1793 and was based on four paintings by two different artists depicting the four seasons of the year!


  1. Lovely quilts as always. My favorite is the broken dishes. The tiny 4 patches are adorable....can't wait to see them in person on my next visit.

  2. The Jo Morton fabrics work so well in the courthouse steps quilt. Nicely done.

  3. Wonderful little quilts! I really love the inner border on the broken dishes, and the corner posts - the polka dots dancing around really works beautifully!

  4. Love those little quilts.....and that toile fabric is lovely.

  5. OF COURSE NOW I want a few yards of that toile!
    I have about 6 quilts picked out to make from the amish quilt book
    isn't it wonderful?

  6. that courthouse steps is too die for...on my to do list!

  7. Love the courthouse steps quilt. This is the third blog I have seen this book, going to check it out right now.

  8. I keep seeing the Amish Quilts book. I will be checking it out as soon as I am done reading blogs. Love all the little quilts and the toile.

  9. Love the broken dishes quilt and the toile! The bowl and four patches and courthouse steps are wonderful, too. Gee, I love them all.