Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Old and New Comparisons

Yesterday a friend and I spent four hours going through two boxes of old fabric scraps and quilt box was mine and one was hers!  We marveled at some of the fabrics we found that we remembered as having been reproduced.  First photo is from a log cabin quilt top that I am thrilled to own!  Sixty-four blocks of gorgeous fabrics in very good condition!  When I bought the top, I thought there had been a repair as I recognized the fabric design.  Well, when they are side by side, one can see the difference!  The old fabric seems to have a glaze.  The new fabric I think might have been made by Concord (someone correct me if they know otherwise!).  The repro has a navy ground instead of teal; the large red motif is similar but not exact; the old fabric has tiny flowers in pink and blue and two shades of green in the leaves, but the new one has only pink flowers with leaves in one shade only, rather dun-colored I would say.

 Two more blocks from the log cabin quilt......recognize any more as having been reproduced?  I think the long strip on the far right has been....either by Judie Rothermel or Jan Patek?

 Now that you can see a whole block, check out the construction technique.  It is a "regular" log cabin block with the contrasting lights and darks adjacent to each other.  But it is Made like a Courthouse Step block with the logs added opposite each other!  Interesting.............Instead of adding two lights or two darks on each round, the maker added one light and then one dark opposite.  Anyone else ever notice this log cabin contruction technique before?

On the right below is a reproduction stripe by Judy Roche and Corienne Kramer from the Peddlar's Pack line.  I lined it up with the original from a quilt fragment on the left.  Check out the other early fabrics! 

  The design in the shirting fabric below of little diamonds with 4 dots at each point is quite similar to the Indigo Berries fabric by Jo Morton!

Now we have a reproduction stripe done several years ago by Virginia Robertson lined up with its antique counterpart!  Stripes are the same size; colors are quite similar.  The new fabric feels wonderful but the old fabric feels a bit stiff and is thin; however, the colors are still great!

 Just remembered where to find the reproduction (to any Non-Quilter walking into my sewing room/fabric storage it looks like Chaos but I can usually find any fabric that I am seeking in a relatively short time!  Not every time, but usually!) in the photo below.  The reproduction fabric on the right is similar in scale and colors but they left out the blue!  Don't you think that is what made the fabric eye-catching?  I believe this fabric was from an old Christmas line by Judie Rothermel......maybe Christmas in Virginia or in Williamsburg?  

The red centers in this quilt appear to be a fine linen and aren't quite as bright as the photo portrays.


  1. Very fun Cyndi!
    I have some of the early repros and treasure them as those of you who have the real antique fabrics.

  2. I wish i would have been there too ;) Always fun to look at antique fabric with her!

  3. I love looking over antique fabs, I have so many repro's, and yes I have a log cabin sewn together in the same manner. Thanks for sharing

  4. Often designers get their inspiration for fabric design from antique/vintage fabrics. And I am glad that they do so that we can create quilts that have that "old" look.

  5. Such an interesting post! I am surprised that some of the repros are truly that close! The log cabin construction is very intriguing.

  6. Loved this post. What a fun thing to do. I have to go look at my antique fabric and my repro fabric.