Friday, October 7, 2011

Collections Comfort from Moda

More new reproduction fabric!  This one is Collections Comfort the 8th in a series of fabric lines based on antique quilts in the collection of Mark Dunn, owner of Moda Fabrics....this from an 1861 quilt from MA.  Did a wonderful job on the border fabric in photo #1!  Fabric is printed so that four 10" borders may be cut from one length!  I have recently seen an antique quilt in one of my many books with that large floral border, but I can't remember which book!  Don't you just love to look through books of old quilts?  I could spend way more time than I do if I didn't have Life tugging at me all the time!  Now I May have another fabric match here, but I won't know for sure until I go to New England Quilt Museum Oct 15 for our final gallery walk of the Maine Quilt Heritage show.  The fabric on bolt #3 down from the top in photo 2 seems very similar to the backing of my c.1825 Sawtooth Star!  Can't wait to check it out and will let you know if my memory has served me well.......or not!

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