Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wonderful new History of Dutch Quilts book!

Mailman brought my new book yesterday (ordered Dec 7).....perfect day for receiving it!  It was a day off so I sat in my rocking chair beside the woodstove to read it in utter comfort!  Anyone interested in this book may email me for information to order it.......can use a Paypal account or your own checking account to pay for it!  I found it to be easier than I had thought to deal with a foreign company!


  1. Yes it is a very good book and glad you like it too Cyndi:))
    The company is very reliable, they send mine to the UK when it was released in the Dutch lanquage. An Moonen is quite an expert on Dutch Quilts.
    Happy New Year

  2. Yes , I have mine too . Mine came Den Haan & Wagenmakers.
    Fabulous book - glad you took time out to sit by the woodstove and enjoy it.

  3. Hallo Cyndi, I just found out that you have a blog (from Kathie). How nice to see the lovely quilts from you ... want to see more :-)
    I also got the book on Dutch quilts and love it!

  4. Would love to order The History of Dutch Quilts book from you. Send me the information how to order it from you.
    Thank you,

  5. To Sandy Z, I bought a copy of the Dutch quilt history not sell them. If you will email me, I will give you the publisher's info so you can order your own using Paypal. There is an Email Me link on My Profile page.

  6. Sounds like a plan...quilt book...and wood it anytime...

  7. Hi Cyndi,

    I've just discovered your Blog and I love the things you make. The History of Dutch Quilt book is great, I reproduced some quilts who are in the book, and even made some doll quilts from it. If you wish to take a look at them click here:

  8. Hello Cyndi, I am so pleased you like the book.I worked over 20 years on it, ands I am so happy it has been translated and available for the english reading people!My translator found your blog and sent it to me. Thank you all, and spread the news!
    An Moonen,

  9. Thank You So Much, An, for printing in English! I do have some quilt books that are non-English.......that is when the old saying "A picture is worth a 1000 words" comes into play! I have sent ordering info to many people and also ordered 4 more that arrived just today for friends!