Friday, October 8, 2010

This is a not-very-good photo of the whole quilt. Measures 51" x 64" and likely contains 3000 or so different fabrics.  You will laugh when I tell you this.......I first made the little quilt that has 63 squares and I quilted it with no batting, as the antique quilts often were.  Thinking that would be good for the larger quilt, I pin-basted it together (320 pins) and began quilting (no hoop, tho I usually use one).  Did not like the feel of the quilt (felt empty, not cuddly), so I took out the 320 pins, layered with Quilter's Dream Request batting, and re-pinned the 320 pins!!  Then I was happier with it!!  Photo is from MaineQuilts2010.  View all the quilts in the show here.


  1. just beautiful Cyndi!
    I LOVE It if you ever get tired of it you know where to send it.
    don't you love that quilters dream request batting?
    I do!

  2. Just fabulous! Is the quilting only in the center square? I'm wondering because I made a crib sized top and had planned on quilting around all the logs (they are 1.5" fin.). Trying to learn from your experience!

  3. Hi Cindy, It's your friend Rhea here. I saw this quilt at the show and LOVED it. Can't wait to come and see you at the shop and get some more fabrics.