Saturday, July 7, 2018

Another Summer Visitor and a Scrap Box Winner!

While I was creating the draft for this new post, I somehow managed to delete the post with the  giveaway box BUT my Comment list was intact on the website so I was able to find the winner after my husband picked the magic number......which belongs to "bgdtravis"!!  So, if you will contact me with your address the box will be on its way and I'll start another!

This month I was visited by Becky Wright from Iowa and as you can see, she relieved me of some merchandise!  Very nice talking Quilts with her......she is The Civil War Quilter and you will find her blog here.

 A previous visitor, Terry Nixon from New Jersey, suggested that I post photos of a shelf of fabric once in a while in case I might have something that someone is looking will do that today and see how you like it!  The fabrics in photo #1 are Maling Road by Di Ford with Andover.

Below, there are 7 bolts of 1850's "Sarah French" and 4 bolts of Rising Sun Medallion....both are from Washington Street Studio.

  The photo below shows the rest of Rising Sun Medallion  1840-1860.

I have SO Many projects in-the-works and at various stages that I should not even think of doing this but I am!  Love Betsy Chutchian's new book, "Quilts For All Seasons" from Quiltmania and this little quilt struck my fancy......probably because of all the "Oldies But Goodies" she used!  I decided to use 2" diamonds instead of 1.5" just to show the fabric designs a teeny bit using an Ardco template and hand-piecing.

Til next time................


  1. yowza...gorgeous diamonds cyndi! see you in august!

  2. Oh, how I wish that was me visiting your shop.
    I will be in MA in Oct., but that just isn't close enough.
    I will have to check out Becky's blog.
    Good move to make the diamonds larger. They showcase those beautiful fabrics very well. Love that little quilt.
    I think it is a great idea to show fabric blots. I will definitely look closely to see what I can't live without. :)

  3. That was supposed to say "bolts", but fabric blots sound interesting. LOL

  4. I would love some of Di Ford's fabrics - BUT am now on a money diet thanks to our new roofs on the house and Studio. Love all of Di Ford's quilts and fabrics!

  5. Your diamond quilt is very sweet!
    I love seeing your shelves of fabric and fellow bloggers!!