Thursday, December 15, 2016

Scrap Box Winner is....................

The winner of my box of scraps is Beth C, anonymously chosen by my Random Generator Husband!  Let me know your address and it will be on its way to you!  Now I'll start another one!!

Don't really have much to write photos ready....but....
this is a Nine Patch quilt that I started quite a while ago, using Julie Herndrickson's "History Repeated" fabrics (browns, blues and shirtings).  Her project sheet used sashing but I prefer alternating blocks.  Then it seemed too boring so I decided to brighten it up with any alternating fabric I liked  (it is very hard for me to make a quilt from just one line of fabric!) and then I further decided to make other pieced or applique blocks to place here and there!  Eight rows are done with 5 to go.  Think I'll draw a 6" Schoolhouse block and make a 6" Russian Sunflower block with Cindy Blackberg's rubber stamp......just making whatever blocks I like as I go along and when I have 13 rows, it will be done!  

 Love toiles so I'll use a few of them!

Part of lovely floral strip from the Women of Courage line!

Nice reproduction of an early 1800's Eagle in a Wreath!

Nice Prussian blue from Kaye England!

Can't remember why I made this Love Apple....probably just because I love it!

Jo's Chintz.

A bird scrap from Kaye England....too small so I just bordered it.

Eight Point Stars are a favorite to hand-piece.

A colorful toile from Judy Rothermel (I think) from many years ago.

A little sample of broderie perse.....

Thirty-six Patch block.

Love cockscomb flower....livened up a bit with applique broderie perse element.

From the 19th Century Divas book.....Pine tree 

Another little touch of broderie perse with a French General fabric.

A few fabrics selected to be used as alternating blocks as I go's really fun to just do whatever I feel like doing at the time!  Will be interesting when it is not have a design wall so there is no "plan".........

Another batch of about 80 log cabin blocks that I work on now and then when I just feel like sewing!  I think I am more than halfway to my goal of 400!

Back later with some more This and That that I've been working is so funny that when I have some Time to work on something, I can't decide What to work on!  I stand in my sewing room and look around at all the unfinished projects.......should vow to start nothing new until at least a few UFO's are done, but I am not that disciplined!  In fact, I started a new little quilt last Sunday......will be done soon as soon as I find 20 minutes to do it!  


  1. Gosh, I thought that I was the only one who had staring contests with all the projects in my sewing area, waiting to see who would blink first! Thanks for a great post!

  2. Gorgeous blocks....but I'm still loving that pine tree block!

  3. Oh I cannot wait to see this one in person! It is delicious! I am dying for a Busy Thimble fix! I remember that love apple hanging in the shop for quite a while, but don't remember what you had intended to use it in either. Your last sentence fits me to a "T". Why do we start things when we know we should finish others first? Our little bit of creative defiance I guess! Hope to see you soon.

  4. What a WONDERFUL creation you have there, Cyndi. I love everything about it--the fabrics, the continuity given by the 9-patches throughout, yet with randomness by the other blocks you have included, and the variety of techniques in those blocks.
    Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I have stood and stared at projects in my sewing room!!! You are not alone. : )
    I have always felt myself too undisciplined to stick to such a plan, but I made one this year and actually stuck to it--all year! Miracles happen.

  5. What a great nine patch and I love that you are not planning it out!! It will be very personal!

  6. I love what you're doing with this quilt. It almost looks like you're making an orphan block quilt! GREAT different blocks and fabrics!

  7. I love your style of unplanned randomness yet somehow it does have a sense of cohesiveness. It's going to be a wonderful sample of fabrics, colors and techniques.

  8. Your nine patch quilt is going to be so charming--love all the wonderful fabrics you are using!

  9. I'm loving your 9-Patch! All those yummidy fabrics from your stash add such interest to the top. Will be a stunner when finished. Your comment about starting new when you have UFO's to work on sounded oh so familiar. I decided a couple years ago to "forgive" myself when I start yet another quilt instead of working on another work in progress. The reason? I had a wonderful inspiration for a quilt that I ignored for a few weeks and then when time allowed, I couldn't recall the details for the quilt! Never again. I learned to "strike while the iron is hot." Don't be so hard on yourself. When inspiration hits, give yourself permission to act on it. :)

  10. Love your nine patch quilt with all the surprises thrown in! Sounds so fun! I hope you will show us when it is complete. I was out of pocket for a few days and missed your fabric scraps giveaway, maybe next time!

  11. This post was almost better than opening Christmas presents. What a treat to see the beautiful blocks you've created. Do keep showing us as you progress with this one. It's sure to be a real treasure when it's finished.

  12. Wow, your sampler will be stunning,love your fabric combo.Thanks for the post!

  13. Oh, the colorful toile by (Judie R??) just love it. Cannot wait to see this finished and so happy to see all the different blocks.