Thursday, November 7, 2013

Starting Another Quilt, tea-dyeing and my Fourth GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

As if I need yet another quilt to work on, I just started one!  Was eager to use  History Repeated  (1 and 2) by Julie Hendrickson for Windham.......a lovely line of browns/blues and shirtings........gorgeous fabric will speak to us that way, doesn't it!!  Decided on 9-patch (6") alternating with plain squares from the same line.  Note:  I have already replaced 3 of the alternating squares because they were too I ever not do that?  Seems that with every quilt, I find something I do not like and just have to change it......better to do it now at this stage than wait until it is ready for quilting!   Might not happen if I had a design wall but I don't have the wall space!  Then, I decided to throw in some blocks other than 9-patches......log cabin, sawtooth star, 36 patch so far.  Then I decided to throw in plain block "surprises" of unrelated fabric.  

Another project I am working on is my Take-Along Hexagons that I am hand-piecing.  Some of the lovely fabrics I chose had backgrounds that were just too stark white for me so I tried tea-dyeing three of them.  As you can see below, it just took the edge off the starkness and I think I will like them better!!

Also working on this medallion quilt from Fons & Porter Love of Quilting magaxine (will be a Very Long Term project!).  The first border is on the Hewson vase panel, a brown background from the Seneca Falls collection by Brackman/Thompson.  Had a hard time deciding on the next plain blue border.......Then, will get into more interesting pieced borders!!
I lined up these time I will show you what I choose!!!  What would you have chosen?
And Finally, the Giveaway box that is full to the brim.....weighs 5# 10 oz which translates to over 20 yards (using 4 oz per yard estimate)!!!  Most pieces are full width of fabric (40" - 44") and less than 6" length.  I use 6" strips to make cute little bundles of scraps to sell in my shop......anything less than that goes into the scrap Box.  For years I saved them but I have more than I could ever use!  Wish there were some way I could estimate how many miles of rotary- cutting I have done in the past 30 years!

All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog and you will be included in my drawing..........I will announce the winner on Friday Nov 15.  Regret to say that I will be able to ship to USA only since the overseas postage increased so much this year!

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