Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Finish, More Hexagons, New Books and an Oddity

Finally finished this little Jo Morton club project!  Blocks are only 3" but I have been working on this since April!  But, I will say it has been enjoyable time spent to applique and then handquilt it.  Looks great on my dining room tablecloth so that may become its home when done being a sample.

 More hexagons for my new quilt!  Spent a pleasant afternoon in my sewing room (while listening to wonderful audiobook, "The Sisterhood" by Helen Bryan......really holds my attention!......finished my 5 Ken Follett books but will be looking for more!) going through some fabrics to find interesting things to fussy cut and also some Toiles.  The hexagon in the middle has my metal window template by Ardco on it.  I trace inside the template for my handsewing seam line.  Believe me, sewing on these Hexagons goes much faster than sewing Applecores so I don't think it will take me so many Years to finish!

New books arrived in the mail today!  American Toile includes many of the reproduction toiles we are using today.  Very interesting book that inspires collecting samples to include with the book!   Author Michele Palmer has a website www.fabricmuseum.org

The book titled "Toile" is a wonderful picture book......lots of antique toiles.  Very inexpensive book with lovely photos but no history.
 And this is the "oddity".....found this moth (at least I guess it is a moth!) on the barn yesterday morning around 11am and took a photo.....just checked and about 36 hours later he is still there!  And it poured for much of the day!  I should do a search for information but will save that for another day!


  1. Cute little Jo quilt...hope we get to see it in your booth at the show this weekend!

  2. Love that Jo Morton quilt!
    I used to be an entomology 4-H leader for several years, but I don't recall seeing that moth in my neck of the woods. : )

  3. enchanting little quilt cyndi....see you tomorrow!

  4. I just love that little quilt! So pretty! And those books sound lovely! Pat and I have plans to come to the shop next Wednesday! Woot! See ya then!

  5. too cute! I'll bet you didn't know it was National Moth Week! Go to NationalMothWeek.org and you'll see a photo of your moth - but no name. I've seen them before, they are very colorful under their wings. Hope to see you soon!

  6. got to see this gorgeous little quilt up close today at cyndi's shop....very, very nice! just happened to find something i liked to bring home, too...what a coincidence...LOL

  7. If you like Ken Follett try Edward Rutherfurd...his books are historical fiction and are nice and chunky, just like Mr Follett. Regard, Anne de Koning in Melbourne

    1. I will look for his books! Thanks for telling me! Right now I am listening to "The Sisterhood" by Helen Bryan.......eyeopener
      about life in sixteenth century!

  8. The Jo quilt caught my eye. Such an interesting design and good colors.

  9. The moth made me remember "silence of the lambs", hahaha