Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heritage Quilt

Finally, after four years, my Heritage Quilt top is nearly done!  While I followed the Moda project sheet I did make the quilt blocks 6" (instead of 8") as I used a 5" charm pack for the Pinwheels.  One charm pack, lots of background fabric and wide sashing produced a quilt that is 64" sq.  Plan to add about 8" borders of that beautiful bird/floral fabric to make it about 80" sq.  Feel that I need to make that wide a border to show off the beautiful fabric!!  This is the first "Collection for a Cause" line based on antique quilts in Mark Dunn's (owner of Moda) quilt collection.  Well, the hst blocks got buried on the cutting table for a couple years and when I found them, I needed a Leaders and Enders project and that is how it finally got done!

Still working on my Broken Dishes blocks for the last Jo Morton Club!  What good fortune I had when I opened a box of scraps and found that I had used only Half of them in the little quilt below (that was a another club project a few years back!)!  I still had to cut apart, press and trim but the Sewing Work was done!        The second Broken Dishes quilt will be larger due to the fact that an unpieced square will alternate with the pieced blocks!  Might make the quilt even larger (fullsize) as I have had a hankering to make a bed quilt since seeing a pattern in the Nov 2007 Quilters Newsletter......
 These Broken Dishes blocks are 2-1/2" so it will take a Very Long time to finish a large quilt But, that's okay, I am a process person and enjoy the work as I go along!!  Or, on second thought, maybe I'll make bigger blocks so there will be room for handquilting.  I'll think about that later!! 
 During my organizing lately, I have come across forgotten treasures, as I know many of you have.........for some reason, this time of year just begs for organizing and making everything neat and tidy!!  This is an early Judie Rothermel line "Civil War Legacies" from the late 1990's I believe.  Since it was an intact fq bundle, I never "Scrapped" it but it is now!  6-1/2" strip, squares and also 1-1/2" strips for the large log cabin blocks and Postage Stamp quilt.   I found more goodies that I will write about later!!  
 Everyone has their favorite methods of "Scrap Management" and this is mine....actually, I am creating scraps from yardage so they will be handy when I want to use them (and not have to handle a 1/2 or 1 yard length of fabric!)  This line of fabric happens to be Judie Rothermel's Olde Sturbridge Village Harvest.  First, I cut a 6-1/2" strip across the width of the fabric.  Then cut a roughly 6-1/2" square off the selvage end for the scrap boxes.  What remains goes into another box for another day.  With this line, I have a Plan so I further cut little 2-1/2" squares for 4-Patches.  The 4" narrow strips at the bottom of the photo are for my 3-3/4" log cabin blocks and 3" railfence blocks.  The little tiny scraps at the top will work for the first or second round on the dark side of the log cabin blocks.  Here is the Plan for the Harvest is from Petra Prins' "Treasures from Holland"..........hers is a wallhanging size so I plan to enlarge it.   Highly recommend Petra's book!!!

Another group of 25 railfence blocks are done!  Accomplished by using them as Leaders and Enders while assembling the Heritage quilt top!  Makes me feel so Efficient to accomplish more than one task at a time!!  Have a total of 78....only 498 left to go!  Soon I may start assembling just to see how they look!  I've been also working on another batch of my 3.75"log cabin blocks....I like to work on strip-piecing about 30 at a time....I need to face the fact that I really like to piece blocks!  Listening to "The Poisonwood Bible" audiobook.....that is part of what draws me upstairs in the evening!  

 Newest fabric from Jo Morton "Spice Market".....gorgeous madder colors of rust, brown, red along with golds.  She must love spice colors as this is her third "Spice" line!  Wonderful for 1860-70's reproductions!

Time to call it a Day..........can't make up my mind whether to sew or read my two new books!


  1. Wow. You've really been busy! Things are looking so good.
    I had to buy Jo's latest spice line and it's a beauty. Been using some of them in her S'Mores quilt that was in the latest American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

    That bird fabric in the first photo set is really gorgeous! Wow.

  2. Lots of good lookin' stuff on your post. The hour glass blocks are very scrappy and a fun way to use up small pieces. You will end up with a wonderful quilt that showcases many fabrics from your stash.

  3. As a fellow process quilter, I love following your adventures! Lovely projects, all of them.

  4. Oh my gosh, Cyndi.....all your projects looks so great! I just love those broken dishes and rail fence blocks, and that Heritage quilt is going to be so beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished!

  5. Wonderful Rail fence blocks--you are making how many? Yikes!!
    Mmm, love the colors of that "Spice" line of fabrics.

  6. oh now can you tell me why oh why didn't i buy a kit for that quilt too? love that bird fabric! soooo pretty.
    I am making broken dishes now too and log cabin blocks!!! must be a winter thing! LOL
    my rail fence quilt is one of my favorites ....keep going you will treasure your quilt too, the colors look great!
    looks like a great new fabric line....i just may need some of it.
    its so cold here can't imagine how much colder it is up by you.

  7. I so enjoy reading your posts with all the pretty eye-candy! There is no way that I can decide which of your projects I like best, but I will tell you that I spend many moments just gazing at your beautiful header photo, too!

  8. Lots of eye candy in your post - clever way of pre-cutting strips to have them at the ready!

  9. Love all your projects. I have that heritage kit buried someplace - looks so nice in your photo. I love a clean out and rediscovering buried treasures!
    Petra's books are great - looking forward to the next one.

  10. will have to look over the petra book when i come up....and spice market is gorgeous!

  11. With all the fabulous fabric passing through your fingers, I sure do hope you will offer another Civil War scrap bag festival!

  12. Love the spice market material.Many thanks for your blog:)

  13. What insane loveliness on your blog!!! I adore all your projects and the spice lines from Jo and amazing!!

  14. I love your scrap management style. In fact so much-I need you here now!! I started going through everything in my studio. What a job. Your quilts are gorgeous!

  15. Wonderful post! Love all your scrappy pretty! Thanks for sharing!