Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Special Gift and New Fabrics!

 This gorgeous little Wallhanging is a birthday gift from my friend, Wendy.  Her applique and handquilting are just perfect!  To prove that, she has won many prizes at many quilt shows!  I am honored to have been the recipient of her handwork, and guess what, she made TWO!  The second one is for our mutual friend, Kathryn.  The fabric is the Collections for a Cause "Friendship" line and the pattern is from Lori Smith of From My Heart to Your Hands.  I am going to answer this question about her fine handquilting  in advance......yes, she does use batting...........wool batting!!  
 Now we are on to what's new at the shop for fabric deliveries!  Jo Morton's Simple Charms (that word "Charms" reminds me of a topic I am getting ready to discuss as soon as I get some photos taken!!) fabrics arrived today!    Wonderful homespuns that look terrific in hers and others'  reproduction quilts, Toiles that I can't get enough of, and nice fine Ticking stripes (printed stripes on quilt fabric this time.....not the "real" ticking).  Think I forgot to show Jo's "Bridgeport" when it came in last month; also received "Crimson Bouquet" and "Elizabethtown" with its showstopping Sunflower Stripe!
 These are what is left in the shop for "old" Toiles....also Jo's.
 This is a bit of a departure for me but I love this line from Moda's 3 Sisters, "Papillon".  The lighter colors and airy pattern designs are reminiscent to me of early 1800's fabrics....Remember how we loved the light colors of the 1830's French dressgoods fabrics that Margo Krager did from her fabulous auction find of a catalogue of dress fabric samples in excellent condition?  I made a Framed Medallion Quilt from that line, gave it to my granddaughter, but it is here at my home at the moment......I'll try to get some photos of it one of these Very Fine Spring days we are experiencing, even before the official start of spring!  We had No Winter here in Maine......I missed it, but a lot of folks disagree with me!  My wood stove in the living room keeps me cozy and warm while I do handwork in the evenings!  During the day, I am moving around too much to feel cold!  One of those activities is carrying in the wood to keep that stove fired up!  Of course, if I had to drive in snowstorms, I am sure I would be singing a different tune!

Guess that is it for now......have been working on a few quilt projects.....really I have!  But nothing is quite done enough to bother with photos yet.  One, well actually two, are Jo Morton Club #11 quilts and the third is from Country Threads new book "Back to Charm School"....naturally I chose one of the more complicated ones.......see page 45!  Happened to find that I still had a few "Charity" charm packs left which this little quilt is made from.   Oh, yes, still working on those tiny little blue/brown 4-Patches made from 1" strip leftovers that I mentioned previously.....actually enough for two little quilts!

And, I've had to spend time Learning New Stuff!  IT stuff mostly!  Doesn't come as easily to me as it does the Grands!  Tax program is different and I had to start working with Google browser (getting easier after getting used to it!)  and Thanks to  Lori from Humble Quilts who helped me figure out how to turn off the Word Verification!  One of these days, I'd like to experiment with a new blog layout but for now this simple beginner one suits me just fine!  Finding time to sew/quilt is hard enough without throwing other activities into the mix!


  1. Cyndi the little quilt is gorgeous! Lucky girl. :-) and you are such a temptress showing all those yummy fabrics. I can feel an order coming on lol.

  2. What a lovely little quilt! I do so love the colors she chose. Thanks for the eye candy! The new fabrics look yummy.

  3. The toile fabric from Morton is gorgeous,love it!!!!
    Marianne S.

  4. Hey Cyndi,

    I have GOT to come and see you sometime soon: those fabrics are gorgeous, and I'd love to see that sweet little quilt up close and personal. I agree with you about winter: I missed having at least a few good snow days. But we are definitely in the minority.



  5. Cindi,

    Lovely quilt your friend made you. Her works is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Happy Quilting,
    Stow, Ohio

  6. happy birthday and wendy did a lovely job; i admire her quilts always...

  7. I like the vase of flowers. A prim style look and that is what I like.

  8. I love the vase is so delicate...beautiful gift...Cindy check out my blog...I finished something I started with you over 10 years ago....will bring it to show you one day.

  9. Cute little quilt! I quickly see I will love your shop if ever lucky enough to visit.

  10. Oh how I wish I had known about you when I lived in Belfast, ME. I shopped at Nancy's or at Sarah Johnson's for the brief time she was in Belfast. Had I known you had all these CW and repro fabrics, I would have been there weekly! I looked for a way to email you but could not find a way. I am in a doll quilt swap with a woman who loves repro fabrics as much as I do BUT her color preferences are lavender/burgundy and cream for this exchange. Can you think of any repro fabric that would have those colors? Oh, it's a three color challenge. I wondered about some of the William Morris fabrics. If you have anything please let me know and I will buy it right away. Maybe I will get back to ME sometime and will come visit.

  11. One more thing, please. Would you PLEASE consider adding the gadget to allow subscription via email? It makes it so much easier to follow a great blog when new posts come right to your inbox. Thanks!

  12. A belated Happy Birthday!
    What a lovely little quilt! Beautifully made.

    Gorgeous fabrics....especially the toiles.

  13. What a wonderful birthday gift! I love the fabrics she chose for this quilt. I've secured a f/8 bundle of the new Jo Morton line. I love all of her fabrics.