Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's been awhile........................

since I posted on my blog...........you know the drill......busy with holidays and family!  Tonight I'll show you two quilts (am experimenting with higher resolution photos hoping they will enlarge better, and now I think I also need to make the flash stronger!).  The Churn Dash is from quite a few years ago using Judie Rothermel's first Civil War line in late 1990's (some fabrics have been reproduced again recently)....one of my favorites and it was an experiment in using 6" charm squares for the blocks. 

Second quilt is a 16-Patch from one of Jo Morton's early Clubs.  It was the first quilt I machine-quilted that I was happy with my quilting!  And it was rather accidental!  I was quilting the straight lines and had lengthened my stitch as usual for quilting.  Then I noticed that my stitches were quite tiny.....my robe sleeve must have turned the stitch length dial on my machine...but hey!  I liked the look of the smaller stitches anyway!  So I took out the longer ones, knowing it would be very hard to take out these small stitches if I made a mistake.  Luckily, it worked out fine!

This last quilt top is one from a Prairie Women's Sewing Circle club that I decided to do in different colors.  First one, in blue and shirting, is pictured aways back the blog.  I love the color called "cheddar" and it looks great with the indigo blue!  I machine-quilted the first one but may hand-quilt this one....wish I could handquilt everything but it's not possible!  Today I spent part of my "day off" pin-basting 3 small quilts and am in the process of pin-basting my Gwen Marston-inspired toile center medallion...hard on my back to do it all at once!  I pin-baste my quilts on the dining room table (anchor small ones with masking tape and larger ones with bulldog clips along the edge of the table.)  Then, I either machine-quilt (mostly just in the ditch or straight lines across the blocks as might have been done "in the old days") OR machine-baste for handquilting.......seems like overkill to baste twice but I think it helps make my quilts nice and flat!  Quilter's Dream Request is my usual choice of batting but I also use Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon sometimes.


  1. Your charm square experiment was certainly a success, and don't you love those happy accidents, like the stitch length? The cheddar and blue is really dynamic, and would look incredible handquilted, I think.

  2. love the churn dash I need to make another one of those quilts soon.
    ok the blue with the cheddar is great! isn't that blue fabric wonderful I hope you have a big bolt of it! I think I need a few yards of it. kathie..

  3. All three quilts are charming! The background fabric in your 16 patch is one of my all-time favorite fabrics. I'm not sure how many yards of it I've gone thru, but I'm down to less than a yard now. It looks yummy in your quilt.

    1. I agree about that background fabric! I've even gone so far as to ask Jo to print it again!

  4. Very nice quilts Cindi... I just love the Churn Dash! But, then again it is one of my favorite blocks! Thanks for sharing!
    Stow, Ohio

  5. Thanks for your comments, Onalee! Wish I could fine more time to photo and share more quilts or maybe even the "starts" with a few blocks!

  6. Beautiful projects - you have a great color sense.
    I'm glad you found some time to post with such wonderful pictures.