Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage Charm Quilt

 This is a small charm quilt I made several years ago using vintage triangles given to me by a quilting friend.  They belonged to her mother and are from c. 1900.  Those claret (purpley-red) fabrics were popular in the 1890's.  There are a couple "Neons" also from the 1890s"s.  All in all it is a good representation of the fabrics available at the two fabrics alike....that is what makes it a charm" quilt!  I think in today's quilting world, people believe "charms" to just be small size squares.....which they can be of course....but need to all be different!!  I think the oldest fabric to be the blue/brown floral chintz (still retains glaze) shown below in the close-up.  I was fortunate to have other period fabrics to use for the backing/binding.  Each triangle is about 3-1/2" tall and I did have to re-size them to make it all go together well!


  1. This is a darling little quilt...the fabrics are wonderful. How lucky you are to have all these little charms to play with!

  2. This is just gorgeous!!! How wonderful to have geniune vintage fabrics to play with, and your quilting stitches are so tiny and neat! Thanks for sharing, it has inspired me to make one similiar - to use triangles instead of squares!!!

  3. What a gorgeous fabric. I would love a close up of other delicious fabric in that little quilt. Yum Yum.