Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jo Morton Club #10

Spent yesterday (snow day!) and today quietly working in my sewing room, listening to an audio book while I sewed.  One of the quilts I've been working on is this little pink and brown called "Amy's Choice".   Finished for this evening, I set it aside and then thought "well, that looks like a darling little runner with pointy ends just as it is"..........unfinished.......needs two more corners attached!  I will finish this one as it is supposed to be, but it's an idea for another one in the future.........in "someday" land!


  1. This is a lovely little quilt in a favorite combo of pink and brown. Love it.

  2. You know what a pink and brown fanatic I am Cyndi! Some things don't change. This sweet little piece is right up my alley---I just love it! I especially like the sashing fabric and that used in the unpieced block.